Painting 850 Cameron Rd, Tauranga 2014

Process. Aerosol. Molotow. 5 days. 120sqm. 
First time using a GoPro and editing on GoPro software (apparent).


Hysteria, 2013

For maximum enjoyment watch with your favourite frenzied music played loud. Hysteria (noun) 1. Exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement 2. Def Leppard's 1987 hit album Hysteria continues Erin's ongoing performance based exploitation of the artists projected persona/alter-ego. Shot at the artist's Grafton residence (AKA Grafton Manor), the cast is made up of other residents.


Anamorph 2012


The First Time, Don't Panic 2008


All Fresco, K'rd Art Festival 2013


Lonely Lizzie 2013

'Lonely Lizzie' Comic Strip written and illustrated by Erin Forsyth. Film directed and edited by Tim D. Commissioned for Darklight as part of the Auckland Pride Festival, February, 2013. A lesbian love story?


Children of Vision glitch video 2010

Created September 2010 for Children of Vision Boutique by STRANGECHILD (Alexander Hoyles and Erin Forsyth) using data-moshing techniques.