EYESORE - contains explicit content

EYESORE is in many ways an ongoing experiment in traditional and non-traditional exhibition practices as a visual artist... and some sweet pictures. The original artwork for each image below was full colour, hand-painted acrylic and ink illustration on paper (see process images bottom of page). They were later scanned to create print ready files.  A wonderful woman names Sarah Bing hand cut matting to the shape of each artwork for the exhibition and each work was displayed with it's own special 'sound button' with a pre-recorded audio file to match the artwork. Musicians Kate Barnett and Kimmy Elizabeth Swanson created and recorded the vocals for the sound buttons

All of these works are still available to order email info@erinforsyth.com for details.

"The works in production are like stickers; they are lurid, heavy, candid, archetypal, graphic illustrations after the style of 80’s skate designs and psychedelic rock posters.
These works are a tribute to the imagery of alternative culture, the visual language of the underdogs and outsiders, gateway imagery, the rad shit"

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